Rude “Christians”

You’re sitting in a restaurant, and you see a table of nicely dressed people being rude to their server. What do you think?

Then you hear them talk about today’s sermon at their church. Oh…they’re church people. Now what do you think?


“Church people are rude.” That’s something I’ve heard more than once from servers. It always irritates me. Not at them, but the so-called Christians that reflect poorly on Jesus.

We’re back at the restaurant, except now, Jesus is at the table with you. How will you treat the server now? That’s one of his creations you’re treating like dirt.

What if it’s Jesus that’s serving you? How are you going to treat him?

Everything we do has an impact on who sees us and who we interact with. The server you were rude too, what do you think they’d say if you invited them to church?

They won’t want to go if it’s full of mean people like you. That means you’ve failed to be salt and light.

“But they messed up my order.”
Then show some grace and mercy like you have been shown.

“I’m not leaving a tip. They don’t deserve it.”
You didn’t deserve the gift of salvation. Every breath you take is a gift from God.

A restaurant is probably one of the best places for non-Christians to see Christians. To see what they have, the joy, love, thankfulness, and generosity.

Here’s a question to ask yourself when you interact with others. Ask “If I invited them to church, would they say yes or no based on how I’m treating them?”

Think about that.

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