“Convince Me Jesus Is Real.”

imageYou’re in a conversation, and the person you’re engaged with asks you why they should believe in Jesus. What do you say?

In our Sunday School class, my co-teacher and I were asked to teach more on felt needs. March being her month to teach, she adjusted her lesson plans to show how to tell people about first God, and then Jesus. The plan was for them to make a case.

She broke us up in small groups. I looked at the group and said I don’t believe in Jesus, try and change my mind. Then I role-played an atheist.

I looked at one guy, Fred, saying, “I noticed your cross, do you believe in Jesus?”
“Tell me about him.”
He told me about how he came and died for my sins.
“How do you know that?”
The Bible said.
“The Bible was written by men.”
My wife was in the group and took her turn at convincing me. Sheri, my co-teacher looked over her shoulder, pleased at the conversation.

Russ and Kee stepped in, asking hard questions of Casey and Fred. Sheri helped them out. Time was drawing to a close, and I explained how they could strengthen their case.

It became pretty apparent they never really had to defend their faith. I immersed myself into apologetics after I was saved. They were using what’s called presuppositional apologetics. It presupposes the Bible is true and lets it defend itself as the Word of God.

I added some evidential apologetics to their style. The Bible recording real events. Prophecy in the Bible coming true. That Jesus was a historical person. I think I even added existential apologetics on how the Bible speaks so accurately about the human heart.

Can you defend your faith?

If not, here are some resources. Some posts are mine. The websites are from people much smarter than me.

My Posts

Evidential Christian Casemaking

Philosophical Christian Casemaking

Christian Casemaking Encyclopedia

If you don’t want to hit up a library or buy a book, then go to these websites.

This is important because “the Bible says so” doesn’t cut it anymore. Dr. Frank Turek likes to say, “Because you have faith, does it make the Bible true?” Think about it and prepare yourself.

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