After A Weekend To Remember

What’s changed after our Weekend to Remember marriage conference? Is our good marriage better? Yes.


I made a shift in priorities.

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The Pastoral letters to Timothy and Titus say that if you’re in leadership and married, then you are to be faithful to your wife and manage your household well. That means I have to keep my ship in order before I can navigate the waters of ministry with any degree of success.

There are two relationships that supersede ministry for a Christian. Number one, our relationship with God. Everything flows from that. Number two, our relationship with our spouse.

We cannot neglect either of those. What did I do?

Before that weekend, we didn’t really schedule dates. They just happened if no one else was doing anything. Now we budget and plan for it. Memorial Day weekend we took off for Eureka Springs in northwest Arkansas. I wrote a guest post about it on the travel blog Werdehausen Adventures here.

The authors, Russ and Kee were also at Weekend To Remember. We teamed up with Russ and Kee and did a series on marriage based on the trip. Links at the Bottom.

We are communicating better, that came with a better understanding of each other. We are becoming students of each other. We are more transparent and open. When she asks my thoughts, she gets them, even when they don’t make sense to her (and they usually don’t even to me).

We are laughing more. The other day she made me laugh hard enough that I hurt. 35628742_2380642545283013_2532900458226253824_nCompanionship is the key, not just being two people who happen to live together.

Which can easily happen.

We discuss decisions more. I go with what Casey suggests if there is no logical reason why we shouldn’t. Sometimes I go with it if it doesn’t make sense and I get a feeling it’s something that ought to be done.

Have there been challenges?

Oh yeah. Medical issues. I’m learning to be her advocate, to protect her in a way I hadn’t thought of before. Like making sure she is heard, even to the point of having to be a bit confrontational.

Burnout is another. Stress from repeated unsuccessful attempts to have kids. Life isn’t a cakewalk. We will face challenges.

We will also overcome them.

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Werdehausen Adventures

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