Only Scratching The Surface With People

Is anyone around you? Look at them, and ask yourself a question.

“What do I know about this person?”

A Homeless Man, Some Birds, and Me

I was taking the trash out of Canvas Community, where my church feeds the poor and homeless on most Saturdays. For the longest time, there’s been a tent covered in tarps, complete with a WELCOME doormat, set up out back. I didn’t know who lived there, until that day.

Walking back from the dumpster, there was a man in well-worn clothes feeding some sparrows and robins stale bread. I spoke to him a few minutes before he left. I reflected as he walked away, on how we see people, yet know little about them.

We get information from their social media, but that’s just the good things, our mask to the world. Conversations help us learn more, and that takes time and depends on how willing they are to share about their lives. At most, what we know amounts to a series of short videos of their lives.

People are like books we barely read, known only by their covers.

There’s much more beneath the surface. I can tell you a bit about Ken at Canvas, and very little about Julius. My wife, Casey, and our friend John can tell you more. Bill, who co-leads the ministry, knows everyone.

However, none of us know everything.

God does. He knows, and is there for all of it. Their entire history, fears, psychology, emotions, thoughts, traumas; He’s memorized the book.

I wonder if that is why He’s so patient with us, where we snap at others without considering what’s going on in the background. He knows their whole story and what led up to this moment.

The good, the bad, our actions/reactions when we are completely unlovable. Yet He still loves us. He wants us to come to Him, to be in a relationship with Him. A new chapter in the book of you.

Something to think about.

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