God & Us; Immersing Ourselves In Reality

Lately, I have been working on immersing myself in the transcendent reality we live in. It’s easy to study and take in on a mental level, but what about the experiential level? Knowing versus living in it.

Of all places, I journaled through my systematic theology book’s chapter on God’s providence.

God and the World

The world, reality, me, you; it all exists because Jesus is maintaining it with His purposeful control (Hebrews 1:3). It all exists only because Jesus wants it to. He sustains my, and your, life force; every breath a gift.

Today’s blue sky didn’t happen without permission from God, He prompted and allowed it. Same with the rainy weather a few days ago. My grass is growing under His eyes as it acts according to His design.

The stars obey Him (Job 38:30-32). The Earth is fine-tuned so that we can live here. The smallest insect to the largest beast, none die without His knowing.

What we think of as random, is not. Even a dice roll is decided by God (Proverbs 16:33). God works through everything (Romans 8:28).

Every country is the way it is because God decided it, for His reasons. He sets their time of existence, and who will live in them, and where the borders will end. The United States was deliberately placed in this time period, is as big as God allows, and will end when He’s ready.

On May 2, 1983, He decided that I should be born in Tennessee, and not anywhere else. Why? I don’t know.

Our food comes from Him, everything is ultimately His, and He makes a way for us to eat.

God woke me up this morning, woke you up, and today may be our last day. I don’t know. He’s the one that numbered my days and every beat of my heart that my FitBit records (Psalm 139:16).

It’s a scary thought. Even knowing it’s a change of location rather than non-existence. That’s a truly terrifying thought for me to consider.

We make our plans, however, only God knows how our days will play out. In following Jesus I have some idea of what I’ll do, and my plans will change because every interaction has a reason and a purpose known only to God. Which is why full attention should be given to them.

My success is from God, and my failures are lessons from Him as well. My writing ability, and any other talent, also from Him. We cannot practice and refine what we don’t have.

Nothing happens to us outside of God’s will for us. There is a reason behind it, even it hurts. This life is a flicker in light of eternity. Pain overshadowed by time.

My greatest growth has come from the darkest moments.

Be thankful for all the good things from him, and look for His hands in things every day.


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