It’s A Matter Of Perspective

What do you focus on? How does it color your life and interactions with others? Are you in danger of becoming myopic, having a singular focus?

Dwelling On Darkness

If we look at one thing enough it becomes our filter. The lens we view everything through. This causes our perspective to change.

What are you looking at?

The 24/7 news cycle that’s designed to get you worked up? A steady diet of social media?

Maybe you’re an activist. Do you ever look around at anything outside that area?

Being on the ground level as opposed to a few stories up changes your perspective. And vice-versa.

If all we focus on is what’s wrong with the world, we’ll miss the good in it. Don’t be naive, but hold both things in balance. The world is getting worse, this is true, but that’s when the light shines brighter.

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