What Do Your Habits Say About What You Love?

Do you have any habits? Generally, we just fall into them. They’re really hard to break and hard to start as well.

Unless it’s something you love.

It’s hard to stop something you love. It’s easy to do something you love. The question is, what do your habits say about what you love?

Daily Habits (Loves)

What do you do every day? I wake up and get a cup of coffee and check Facebook, mostly the notifications. Then I clean junk mail out of the mailbox and read what’s left. Usually digests of headlines from the local paper, Church Leaders articles, Snopes.com, Kim Komando, comic strips, Seth Godin’s blog, B. Pott’s blog, and two daily readings from Bible Gateway (Daily C.S Lewis and the Revised Common Lectionary). Then I read whatever Bible Reading plan I’m on at the moment.

Prayer either precedes or follows it. Bible study usually does, too. And I always have a book with me, usually two.

I wake my wife, and spend time with her, usually watching TV, or just doing our own thing together in the same room. If one of us says something, we’ll stop and pay attention to the other.

Make a list of your daily habits, then we’ll look at what it says about what we love.

What Do Your Habits Say About Your Loves?

Anyone who knows me knows I love coffee. I also love to learn about a variety of stuff. The headlines I skim to keep me informed, digging deeper if I am curious. Snopes lets me know what is going around that’s actually true or false.

There’s a focus on getting some time in the Bible and a conversation with God. Reading habits are varied, with shelves full of books on theology, apologetics, philosophy, leadership, Christian living, sociology, defense, fitness, martial arts, science and western fiction, and lots of comics.

I love quality time with my wife. It’s my love language.

These are some good habits to have. What about something not as good. Like the dopamine kick I get when someone likes or comments on my Facebook.

That’s been proven to be addicting. Especially when you put your self-worth into how many likes you get from your social media mask compared to other’s social media masks.

It is a bit of a mask. Most of us don’t air out our dirty laundry on Facebook. At least I hope that’s the case.

As a way to connect, it’s great. Most of you read this because I either posted on Facebook or you’re one of my awesome subscribers that don’t want to miss anything.

Where’s Your Focus At?

Look at your habits. What’s the top three categories?

Now ask yourself why do you do these.

What’s the number one category?

What or who do you say you love the most?

Does your number one habit confirm or disprove that?

You may need to redirect your loves or your habits. How? I’m still working on the exact how myself. My best answer at the moment is immersion. Just dive deep into it, which is why I’m reading about spiritual disciplines and where I fit in the metanarrative that is the story of reality.

If you have a better answer or thoughts, then let me know.

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