Vance Speaks To Ronin About Individuality

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and have a few hard conversations with yourself? A plus of being a writer is you can look back and see how far you have come, or if you stagnated. I looked back at the first book I published to see what I still think, or where I’ve grown wiser.

Going Back To 2011

I climb out of my DeLorean and walk up to my old house. Knocking on the door, I wait for me to answer it, realizing I’m breaking all the rules of time travel. This never works out for the better.

Ronin answers, the name I used to answer to.

Ronin: What the…?

Vance: I want to talk to you about a few things, like the individuality post on the old Ronin’s Journey page that you’re putting in the book, and some things you said in Who Is Your Master/Bow to None.

R: Okay, creepy old me. I’ll start. The world has an infection that lies within their minds. I believe most people have an inferiority complex. Here’s why, they judge themselves based on other’s standards, do not trust their own decisions, and follow whatever group they find themselves in. Is this you?

V: True, it’s in their search for meaning. Without a transcendent meaning, they rely on other’s opinions and whatever meaning they make for themselves. They search for it to fill a hole, to have a purpose.

R: How do you measure your self-worth, appearance, intelligence, etc?
Internally, by your own standards, by what makes you comfortable, not to impress? Or by what pop-culture, peer pressure, society dictates?

V: Both of these are within a naturalistic reality map. In a naturalistic view, it’s nothing but stories you tell yourself or insert yourself into. When you’re gone, it’s over.

Your worth, it comes from being made in the image of God. It gives you an intrinsic value. The Cross lets you know that you’re priceless to God. It’s a gift for you to take because you’re invaluable.

R: When making decisions, day-to-day, or big ones, do you listen to the loudest voice, the majority, or whatever your beliefs layout? Or do you use your reasoning, looking at all sides, weighing the pros and cons, even asking someone who’s “been there, done that” successfully for advice?

V: I have learned most go with how things make them feel, you’re spot on with this.

R: When meeting people for the very first time, are you completely yourself, confident in your own skin, curious to meet new people but if nothing comes of it, that’s fine too? Or do you laugh at jokes that aren’t funny to you, agree with everything and try to fit in?

How you answer these questions will tell you where you stand with your true self. Is it a lie, a mask, going with the flow? Or is your action, words, what you see, is what you get? Or do you even know who you are?

The words people will read in the book, will show them how to not be arrogant, but comfortably confident, not a know-it-all but wise enough to know that they’re still learning, to not fit in for the sake of someone liking them, but to be themselves, and drawing people in with an honest self-assessment of their self.

V: Sometimes I was pretty clever.

R: Sometimes?

V: We’re about to discuss that in a few.

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