Weird Lessons About Prayer

My one big thing to focus on this year is prayer. Starting with cultivating the discipline of prayer. I’ve been at this a few months and I’m already noticing some interesting things.

During Christmas, I received two books, The Circle Maker and 2 ChairsThe Circle Maker had the biggest impact, particularly in two areas: praying big audacious prayers daily for certain things, and ‘shooting people with prayer’. I’m seeing answers already with unexpected twists at times.

If you enter my classroom on Sunday, I’ve prayed for your seat the day before. An idea that I got from Pastor Rod. When I’m up there teaching with energy and confidence, it’s because I’ve asked God for help. I’m a writer, not a speaker, behind the scenes is my preference.

If a lesson impacts you in the heart, it’s because I asked that it would. I’m not relying on my teaching ability.

In GriefShare, I’ll ‘shoot people with prayer’. Just a quick prayer for them. In group, I’m praying the entire time.


These aren’t areas of strength for me. If I look like I know what I’m doing it’s because God’s doing it through me.

Answers To Prayer

One of the interesting answers to prayer is a prayer about making a certain person easier to work with. The thought underlying that is ‘they should change’. They are, but God is also making me easier to work with. Careful what you pray for.

Work has been another interesting area. It is no secret that my job has frustrated me on multiple occasions. But as I continue to pray for my place of employment, God not only has answered my requests, He’s also changing my attitude about the place. I can see outside myself and take in the bigger picture.

I’ve prayed for you, my reader, that any post you read impacts and helps you. I ask that every post reaches those that need it, be it 1 or 100. This post could be for one of your key moments when you read it.

The discipline of prayer serves a couple of purposes: a deeper relationship with God humbles you because you don’t have the answers or ability, yet lifts you up because you’re in touch with Who does. Imagine the possibilities.

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