What 2017 Taught Me About Leadership and Critics

I used to have a thick skin, and if you didn’t like me, that was your problem. Over the course of 2017 as my heart grew tender, that armor plating turned to kevlar. Hit it enough and you’ll get through. And it did.

I learned I cannot and won’t make everyone happy. What I can do is always do what’s right, right will always win. Jaime told me because I am a leader I will always have a target on me. The critics will shoot at me and never stop, just be careful not to hand them the ammunition.

I need Captain America’s shield.

Proactively, continually let them know that they can come to you if they have a problem. However, that door swings both ways. Face to face, without any gossip or complaining to others. I’ve watched it turn environments and cultures toxic.

Face to face, or keep quiet. When they come to you, apologize if they think you’re wrong, and ask how to fix it. I seriously hate being wrong and will check to see if I made a mistake. That’s my personality.

At times decisions will be made that people won’t like, but it is the right choice. Don’t falter, stand up under the adversity of their onslaught.

As a leader, the goals are to balance moving forward with caring for the people and making them better. It won’t always be understood and sometimes outright rejected. I do take some solace in knowing that Jesus went around healing, loving people, and doing good, yet still had his critics.

Your shield is to make sure to do everything right because everyone is watching. It’s the power of reputation at play. When you mess up, don’t do it again, ask forgiveness, and do the next right thing.

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