One Bad Day

Imagine your enemy or someone you despise. You could have become the same as them. That’s right, the person causing you grief right now could have easily been you. In Batman: The Killing Joke, the Joker says all it takes is one bad day to affect the rest of your life. It’s what you do afterward that shapes the rest of your life.


We were at a party for my goddaughter, and I took a minute to walk into our old home. The home where my godson died. Though it had been remodeled, it didn’t prevent the flashback. Both sights and sounds. My heart jumped for a moment and calms down as I walk out.

I watch family take pictures of the cake, but my mind is elsewhere. It’s to another person, who faced their own tragedy, their own ‘one bad day’.

One Bad Day

Before our respective bad days, we were much alike. Both full of ourselves, prideful narcissists. Then I lost my godson to tragedy, and they their own kid. The next steps are what makes us different, and also the same.

I sought help where they refuse it. They dwell on it while I worked through it, and still work through it. I got better while they’re becoming bitter.

The moral and reason behind this?

They could have been me as easily as I could’ve been them. A reminder to stay humble, to remember my own brokenness before the Lord rescued me.

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