How To Help The Grieving

Anyone close to you hurting? Are you at a loss at what to do? It’s not uncommon in the face of sadness and pain, to feel inadequate.

I got a text asking if I had any words of wisdom for a couple going through a tough time. Not for them, it was at the start of it, any words come off as platitudes. Most aren’t well chosen, hitting like salt to a cut. My words were for the one asking.

What do I do?

You love them. Let them know that they are not alone. Grief and pain isolate because when you’re in it, it feels like no one else understands. Which is true to a point.

The pain from both of our miscarriages is different. Honestly, the second one hurt more. That gives me the experience of the pain, but, it won’t be the same as another’s experience dealing with it.

This goes into the next step, listen to them. There is a lot inside that wants and needs to come out before it boils over. A sympathetic, understanding ear is the best medicine.

Then when you do speak, ask what you can do for them. Love in action. Right now they are broken and need help holding everything together. That’s what you can do.

Love on them. Listen to them. Help them.

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