Looking At The World As Heaven’s Ambassador

It’s the week of Easter and I made the three-day weekend a four-day one. I had zero intention of being productive on Thursday. Wednesday I had seen a post on Facebook about the church needing help moving the train out of storage for Eggstravaganza, our Easter bridge event.

When I woke up they still needed help. Should I? I have time, a whole day…

I got a strong impression, GO.

When God says go, you go. Why other than helping? I didn’t know.

To Work, I Go

As soon as I arrived, the kids’ pastor called me. Turns out they found enough people to get the train, but I could help this one guy on the Polaris.

For four hours we worked. We built a wheelchair ramp, small booths, and a big tent, all the while checking on other volunteers. I learned he usually does it by himself; I see him so much I assumed he was paid staff at the church.

Nope, he’s a volunteer, and he’d been working all week getting ready for the free event coming up to welcome the public to our church. The serving superpower is strong with this one.

Maybe why I was sent to the church that day was to simply give him a hand.

Why Was I There?

When I consider the transcendent ordering of the universe in line with God’s will, life can be approached more like an adventure. On a personal level, what was He doing? Was today to help, or build into something bigger down the road?

Take out the supernatural implications and it’s dull. Naturally speaking, they needed help so I went, though there’s no tangible benefit for me. Hours of work for a three-hour event. At the most, I get to feel good about myself for something that doesn’t matter in the long run.

Like I said, that’s from the materialistic perspective. Let’s look at it supernaturally.

Looking at it transcendentally, we opened up one of Heaven’s embassies in a grand event for the public. The desire is to save them from evil and themselves, with their eternal destinies at stake. We have the dual goals of representing our King, Jesus, and inviting them into his kingdom. It’s much more meaningful.

How does the world look when you shift your perspective to see yourself as an ambassador for Jesus?

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