Modeling The Golden Rule

Do for others as you would have them do for you. Sounds simple, easy to do, yet seems hard in application. The Golden Rule, the principle that makes loving your neighbor as yourself applicable, is something I try to teach and model for the guys on the floor at work. Sometimes I miss it.

It’s had limited success.

Three Examples

I was gathering the paperwork on the floor at the end of the shift when one of the guys walked up to me, saying, ‘The cutter doesn’t have to cut for Press 22.’ (Every running machine has a certain amount of stock ready for the next shift.)
“True”, I conceded, “but it would be nice if he did.”
“They don’t for us.”
It’s an off shift, we don’t come in after them so there isn’t a way to pay us back. Still, I replied, “Golden rule, it’s not reciprocal.”
“Sometimes you gotta be hard on people,” was his answer. Then we heard something over the radio that cracked us up, ending that conversation.

Earlier that night, one department was being pulled in two different high priority directions. One of their areas of responsibility wasn’t being taken care of. I began doing it myself, moving the empty books, the carts that hold rubber, back to the staging area.
A cureman gave me a puzzled look.
“When you see a need you can meet, you fill it,” I told him. 

A smaller, less obvious area, is the hand-off sheets we pass onto the next shift. I list what we have stock for and not have stock for on the presses that are getting changed out, whenever I fill it out.
I noticed my supervisor starting to do the same.

Be a light, make another’s job easier, they may not appreciate it or ever do the same for you. Accept that. Know that your Father in Heaven sees it, and delights in your good works that glorify Him. What dad wouldn’t be proud of his kids doing good?

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