Tackling One Big Thing In 2017

This year Sunday fell on New Year’s Day, and Pastor Rod challenged us to wait until we heard his message before coming up with any resolutions. I don’t make resolutions, but I was intrigued. He wants us to focus on one big thing throughout the year.

To find it, he gave us some steps.

4 Questions
  1. What one thing do you desire from God?
    I had more than one. I had a list, however a pattern emerged. Deeper relationships.
  2. What one thing is missing?
    Introspectors gonna introspect. I questioned, thought, and prayed to see if anything was put on my heart. I even checked my past journal insights.
    In them I discovered a constant complaint I had with myself. Overthinking and hesitating to help people because I was second-guessing myself. That discovery ultimately led to my one big thing for the year.
  3. What one thing do you need to let go of?
    Took awhile to answer it, and it was funny how it got answered. I was in a constant conversation with God, asking these questions. Then I started poking around online, when I had a sense to turn off the music, close Facebook and the browser. Then the answer hit me, let go of non-restorative distractions. Touché God.
  4. What one promise do you need to hold onto?
    I struggled with this one during both sermons, filling the outline with notes, it finally came to me—the promise that I’m being prepared for something in God’s kingdom.
    I’ve heard I’m growing really fast from a few people. It feels like preparation for something down the line but I don’t know what.

thinkingAnswer the questions yourself. Then the prayer to ask God what he wants to do through you or in you this year. It’ll be something hard enough that you’ll need Him to do it with you. Then look back at the end of the year at the transformation.

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