Instilling Value and Wisdom Into Kids

Keying off of last Wednesday’s post, I wondered what could be done before kids get into relationships? My small army of nieces and nephews are not going to stay little forever, they’ll grow up. A few are almost teenagers now.

What about my kids if I have any? What would I do if Squiggles had survived to make sure they made wise decisions?

Personal Value

This is my thought, to teach them how valuable they are on their own so they won’t need another person to define them. Especially in the dating/boyfriend/girlfriend stage, they shouldn’t be everything to them.

Don’t be an open book and give everything away. Teach them they’re more than a body, with much more to offer. To value themselves enough to take it slow, wait, be patient, and to treat others as more than an object to use. I’ve heard it put like this; ‘date the mind, marry the body.’

Why Is This Important?

Humans are made in the Image of God, which carries a whole lot of theology behind it, which means this—we’re more than a really smart monkey. Every person has hopes, dreams, and a limited time on earth. This means they have intrinsic value, and should be treated with respect.

Looking ahead, I know I’m a bit of a control freak as a creature of habits and routines. I also know I’m young enough to remember being a teenager who made his own decisions despite his parents. We can’t completely control them, but we can instill a foundation of wisdom.

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