A Moment of Providence On A Cold Night

The tagline for this blog used to be, “Seeking first the Kingdom of God.” It’s part of a longer verse, Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

These things? Well, it’s what you need. God will meet your needs, not necessarily your wants. A good father won’t give you something he knows you will hurt yourself with, like a Dodge Viper in my case. The following is an account of what recently happened to prove that.

It Was A Cold, Windy Night

We had taken two separate cars to church that day and when it was over, I was ready to go home and rest. My wife, the extrovert, wanted more so she went with our friends to a local restaurant.

I’m at home watching NCIS when my phone rang. I answer.
“Your wife is okay, she got her car stuck in a ditch. She gave me your number. She’s at this location in the back of the car. It’s cold.”

Calm efficiency kicks in, it’s how I’m wired. All business. I control my breathing to insure that it stays that way. Another call comes in.

An officer on the scene, updating me that there was a wrecker on the way.

I arrive, and the lady who helped her leaves, after giving my wife $20. Our friend John is also there. Casey had text him to ask him to interpret for her, and good guy that he is, there he was was, shivering. He introduces me to the cop who had called me, whose parents attend and work at our church.

We wait for the wrecker, standing in the knee-shaking, chin-quivering cold, sadly underdressed. A car parks nearby and a Latino man gets out. I don’t recognize him, a stranger to all of us.

He walks over, handing my wife a wad of cash. He tells us he stops for every car he sees pulled over or in a ditch to see if anyone needs help. Then he leaves.

I look at John. “You know what Jaime is going to say when I tell her this.”
“Only God.” I pause. “I can’t wait to tell her. You got to share in it.”

I count the money. $120 total. It covers more than half the fee for the tow truck. We learn that the car still runs, with no real damage, in a time that money is tight.

A Good Father

God is a good Father, who will let you hurt yourself if He knows you will learn from it. He will also make sure you’re cared for. Seek first His kingdom, don’t neglect yours but don’t stress out over it either. By focusing on His will, He will take care of whatever arises.

Since I began following Him, I have never seen a need unmet, or a surprise bill that wasn’t provided for. All by putting Him first in everything. Won’t you?

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