What To Expect In 2017

New year, new blog? Not really, the focus will be the same as when the year ended. I will just dial in on it, and we’ll see where it leads and what impacts it makes.

The Goal

My goal is to purposefully guide you to a thoughtful Christianity where you can stand assertively for Christ, decisively choosing the right and good over wrong and evil. This blog is for those who are unsure and want to live for more, and not sure how. It’s for those who want to go deeper. Come along as we do this.

Three Lines of Thought

I’ve been posting new content, twice a week, for the last year and a half. It’s time to increase it to 3x a week. Starting next week, Ronin’s Journey new posting schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The reason why is I had an idea for two series of posts, which requires me to add a day.

This year we’ll be following three lines of thought that will lead you to a thoughtful Christianity: Living life and looking at it Biblically and philosophically; Learning under Jesus; and simplified systematic theology.

Living Life and Examining It Biblically/Philosophically

The reason I haven’t changed the blog’s name is that it comes from my journal insights. My journey. The pattern it takes is that I live it, then I examine it to see how it looks through a Biblical filter to show the real world applicability of Christianity. These will still be the bulk of my posts.

Learning Under Jesus

Over a year ago, I began a chronological study of the Gospels. I said to myself, “what better way to learn how to be a follower of Jesus than from the Master Himself?” I became the unknown disciple, learning at the same pace as the Twelve.

While summarizing passages onto index cards from my notebooks in November, I realized every card could be a blog post. Excitedly texting my editor about it, she responded that she was surprised I hadn’t thought of it sooner. Me too.

Every Friday, we’ll become unknown disciples following Jesus from his baptism to his ascension. Get what you can, and go deeper for yourself, immersing yourself in his teaching and life.

Simplified Systematic Theology

Theology is boring, right? It’s something we all have, an understanding of god in one sense or another. I have noticed a lot are woefully ill-prepared on the doctrines and it causes confusion. Theology is  learning about the God we love. My aim is to make it as simple as possible.

On the third Wednesday of every month, I will post on the subjects of the Bible and God this year. I will archive both series, the weekly and the monthly, on their own pages for easy reference.

Let’s get this year started.

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