Do We Have Free Will?

One of my friends posted a quote by Epicurus on the problem of evil. I watched a couple of other friends respond. I had nothing to add, but in the comments the question arose about “the gods’ plans and free will.” Summed up, it is about determinism.

I sat and thought through that all day, through service, class, last service, and at the restaurant with my friends afterwards. They did not talk to me much. They could see I had my “thinking face” on and a bit of smoke coming out of my ears. How do you reconcile God’s sovereignty and human free will?

It took a while until I remembered the exact term for it. Molinism. Got has a nice summary of it →here. I sat in Five Guys trying to build an analogy to explain it as simply as I could.

Imagine a play where every character in it can write their own script and ad-lib. The director and 6889689591_8f10e89e4a_zproducer set the overall plot and some characters heed the direction and work towards the story’s conclusion. Others refuse to listen to the director when he speaks. In both cases, their free will is still intact.

However, sometimes the director steps into the play in a big way. He could clear out most of the cast like in the case of Noah’s Flood. Intervene through various events to get the characters attention like with miracles. He could step into the play as a character himself (Jesus) and move it along towards the final act.

I hope this helps you understand a complicated system of thought. If not, then leave a question and I will try to answer any serious questions. I also suggest searching Dr. William Lane Craig’s website, Reasonable Faith, for the answers.

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