Perspective From Floating 500 Feet Up

A month ago, my wife and I went to Destin, Florida to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was relaxing enough that my mind wasn’t a churning mess. I was just taking it all in, until Friday night when my brain kicked back into gear wondering if a tsunami could hit us from the sixth story condo.

It can.

dsc_0042The next day we went parasailing because my wife is insane…I mean adventurous. Being towed by a boat while floating 500 feet in the air was all her idea. I definitely was going to get closer to God that day.

It started with an improvement in my prayer life as the boat rocketed out of the harbor, busting and leaping wakes of other boats. When we tilted at a 45° angle, I really started praying, groaning in the Spirit and repenting of anything and everything.

The ride was smoother in the Gulf of Mexico. The waves were higher than I saw back home, though. Waves that size sends us back to shore in Arkansas.

One of the other riders saw a sea turtle 50-75 yards out. Massive. We didn’t need binoculars to see the detail on the magnificent creature.

Then it was our turn to go up. I briefly wondered at my capability to be Batman. He jumps off buildings and I was concerned about parasailing?

Smiling for the camera, my eyes popped open as the winch releases us and we’re pulled off the back by the parachute. Fear subsiding, I start enjoying myself as I look around, while maintaining a death grip on my harness. My hands had brushed the clamps and I jerked them away; images of me dangling from one clamp flashing in my mind.

Looking down into the water, I see lots of jellyfish. One was half the size of our boat. I looked at 100_5029Destin, and the Choctawhatchee Bay on the other side, and land beyond that. Turning to look over the Gulf, it was surreal. I utter…”Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be your Name…”

I could see for 26 miles from that height. It’s a big, big world and we’re tiny, brief specks on it. Yet we tend to think it revolves around us. Go to the ocean and ponder its immensity and power. Get a bird’s eye view and just take it in. It brings much needed perspective.

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