Justifying and Justified Responses To Evil

burning cityImagine that the city you live in is on fire. It’s enclosed and no place to run. Once a beautiful city until someone lit a match. Then the fire spread out, engulfing block after block.

Four things arise from this. There is one group angry at the government already, the fire is another excuse to hate them. However, they’re not doing anything to stop the fire.

Another group hates the fire, and is fighting it because of the damage it’s doing. It’s obviously everyone’s’ problem. The first group believes the government should fix it with a snap of their finger.

Thing is that they hadn’t thought it through. The city is burning everywhere. To put it out would mean dropping so much water that everyone drowns and everything is leveled. Alternatively, use enough foam that everyone suffocates.

It’s Like That With Evil
  • It’s everyone’s problem to solve.
  • When someone attacks your faith because of it, ask them what their solution is.
  • Have your solution ready, remember; it’s everyone’s’ problem.

That’s just the intellectual part. It’s easy.

Now For The Hard Part

The evil should outrage us, and we want a target to attack, and a mission to defeat it. The thing is, the outrage is either justifying or justified.

Justifying outrage is when someone already hates someone/something, and they’re just looking for another excuse. I can’t respect that.

Justified outrage comes when someone is actually trying to fix it rather than sitting in the bleachers complaining. You can complain, however, you better be getting your hands dirty. I can respect that even if we disagree on the cause and are working towards the same goal.

An example, you can’t complain about homelessness and not do anything about it. You’re armchair quarterbacking, no one takes you seriously.

It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior. I can write all day long, but if I’m not living it or trying my best to, then don’t take me seriously.

The Theological Implications

There are two ways to solve the problem of evil with the snap of God’s fingers.

  1. Take away everyone’s free will. You’re just a meat puppet without an ability to choose anything.
  2. Kill everyone. You read that right. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way? Will you again? KAPOW!

…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…

Romans 3:23 NIV

These choices suck. Is there another option?

God’s Answer

Turn away from your own natural tendencies to hurt others and live for yourself. It’s counter to His two commandments that sum up the Law; love Him and people. Think of what it would look like if everyone followed those two rules.

Follow Jesus, He’ll start cleaning all the junk out, and make it easier to follow Him. He’ll make you good for goodness sake.

Then you go out, actively making Jesus your leader and doing good in the world. You’ll be getting your hands dirty, being an example, and telling others about Jesus. Trying to win as many as you can before God permanently puts a stop to evil.

Justice is coming.



Its came before all through the Bible. The Flood. Egypt. Canaanites. Israel itself on multiple occasions. Babylon.

The final judgment will come when everyone who can be saved are, and those who rejected Him will be given their heart’s desire. Life without God. No one has ever experienced that while alive. Then they’ll have to face an eternity of dealing with evil.

Hell is where evil is quarantined.

Oh, and if you wish God would go ahead and kill all the evil people, just read Revelations 19:11-21. Justice is served.

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