A Reason Some Prodigals Walk Away From Christ

Walk Away

Walk Away

I have a friend who walked away from Jesus and the church he grew up in. You may know someone like that. The reason why he did, though, is telling. No one could answer his questions.

This is going to sound harsh, however, part of the fault lies in the one’s he asked  inability to answer the questions. Especially if it’s a parent or spiritual leader. You cannot have a Sunday School level of theology and expect it to stand up to scrutiny. You have to be able to make a case for Christianity.

Consider This A Call-To-Action

A year ago, I did two posts about making a case for Christianity based off of J. Warner Wallace’s work.

These two are a really good start. Don’t worry, our faith is testable, the worldview is coherent. There is a sound, cumulative case for a God, and Christ. I’ve examined it myself, because I have really smart friends who ask questions.

You should examine it because all it takes is one Facebook meme to destroy a shallow faith. Deepen your trust by examining the evidence and arguments for and against Christianity. Prepare yourself to be able to smash memes and ‘take every thought captive for Christ.’

Having a firm, evidential faith will also help you during times of doubt. They happen to me, and I rest on what I’ve seen God do in my life, the archaeological grounding of scripture, fulfilled prophecy, the historicity of Jesus and the philosophical robustness of the arguments.

Prepare Yourself

It’s on all of us to give a reason for the hope that we have (1 Peter 3:15). A testimony works really well 3293826699_ab296f03a1_zwhen people have seen the life change in your life. People love stories; however, you need more.

I promote a thoughtful Christianity. I want you guys to read, study, and think through the Bible’s passages, principles, teaching, and commands. Understand both the context, and the overview of it all. To have actually read the entire Bible, preferably chronologically, looking for answers to your questions.

Wait…There’s More

If you are looking for resources that are always on hand, start with these books.

Evidential Christian Casemaking

Philosophical Christian Casemaking

Christian Casemaking Encyclopedia

If you don’t want to hit up a library or buy a book, then go to these websites.

This is important because ‘the Bible says so’ doesn’t cut it anymore. Dr. Frank Turek likes to say, “Because you have faith, does it make the Bible true?” Think about it, prepare yourself.

If someone is going to walk away, don’t let it be for lack of information. Make sure that they’re making an informed decision, and having the grounding that may bring them back to God at a later date. Don’t burn bridges, intentionally or unintentionally—build them.

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