Unlock Your Potential

There are two types of energy, potential and kinetic. Potential energy is energy at rest. Kinetic energy



is on the move. Like a parked car has potential to move forward, people do too.

Last month we visited family and I saw this concept in all its forms around me. Have you heard the phrase ‘they have potential?’ It’s speaking of the capability one has to do something with their life.

So Much Potential

Gazing over the Oklahoma landscape, I wondered about the people that lived here over the course of centuries. What were their lives like? Did any of them tap into their potential?

One of our stops was my brother-in-law’s home. His kids invited us to swim earlier that day, and my wife happily agreed. Everyone was in the pool except for me. I chose to slip around with a Super Soaker, sniping everyone. While I stood out of range later, drip-drying, I watched my nephew and niece play.

One was six already. What great things will they accomplish? What influences will speak into their lives? In that pool, unrealized potential swam.

My wife’s cousin was leaving for the Navy that weekend. They were having a BBQ to send her off on a high note. She met us on the day we arrived to say hi. I asked Grandma how old she was. Nineteen.

I met her when she was ten. Never thinking that she would join the Navy. She left with the intent of tapping into her potential.

There Is More To Life

We can be more. We should be more. Going with the crowd, trying to be popular, is a waste of what you’re capable of. Surround yourself with people unafraid to push you to accomplish more than merely existing or numbing yourself.

A ball at rest has the potential to move. All it takes is a nudge to set it into motion. Avoid anyone who would stop you as your potential is realized. Move forward, with good influences pushing you along, keeping you on course. Become extraordinary.

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