What’s Your Potential?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about dreams after a sermon. I thought through it, what it had to be. A dream has to be something that you’re hungry for. A dream from God, though, it has to be beyond you so that He is seen behind it all as you go through it.

What Are You Hungry For?

What do you crave? What keeps you up at night? What pierces your very heart that should be changed? I don’t have anything in particular other than what I do now. So maybe if we consider this to find it; if you had unlimited strength, what would you do?

My first thought was more of what I do now with maybe one change. Videos, if someone else would put them together. That was it. Once upon a time, I had an imagination (join me for a moment of silence for my deceased imagination).

I revisited the question again after I decided to read A Spirit-Empowered Life again. I have been reading it like it was intended, a chapter a day, and answering the questions at the end. Some of them I used in here.

So right down to it, what was I hungry for? Helping people, making a difference in their lives. I feel alive when I’m writing or am one-on-one with people who have problems or questions, or just being there for them.. Which is a bit odd for this introvert.

What Is A Powerful Life?

6dbb6c669b218f63a9c52432231b5c9aWhat do you think of when you think of power? Is it a CEO, the President, or a celebrity? I think it’s the ability to make ripples with every person it meets. A life that meets people at their need in that moment.

Then a chapter ended with three questions that pleased my introspective heart:

  1. What strengths do you possess?
  2. What would they look like maximized?
  3. What weakness did you never think you’d overcome?

I believe we are put here for a reason, designed for a purpose. Find the area that you’re especially made for, consider what that would look like if nothing was stopping you, and we might be able to find your dream.

What Strengths Do You Possess?

If you’ve read my posts for any length of time, or Discovering You, then you know how introspective I am. Give me a test that peels another layer of myself and I’m a happy man indeed. One of the myriad I took was Gallup’s StrengthFinder, so I had a leg up on this question already.

  • Love to learn, thriving on short-term projects.
  • Like to think, reflect, can sum it up as analytical, which gives me a good grasp of what I’m learning.
  • Collect information, could even call me a data hoarder since I have a file cabinet full of notes that I refuse to throw away.
  • Responsible, emotionally commit to whatever I say I will do.
  • Analyze symptoms, identify, and find a solution so something can be restored. Particularly people.

These were the top five that the survey gave me. All of them crafted into me by God for a reason. Discover your strengths, what are they?

What Would Your Strengths Look Like Maximized?

It reads in Acts 1:8 that “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses…” When used for the Gospel, with God behind them, what would your strengths look like? Isn’t that a fun thought to consider? Where’s my imagination, I want to see where this could go. Using the above as an example, let’s see what it can look like.

  • Adaptability from learning and thriving in small projects to build experience?
  • Wisdom and knowledge from the time spent thinking through the experiences?
  • Well-rounded or a subject matter expert if the curiosity is supercharged?
  • Dependable in any situation with the strengthened responsibility?
  • As someone who wants to help people be or get better, what does that look like with God behind it?

Here’s where I’m stuck personally, looking at the list, what could I be used for in a big way? I see the possibilities looking from the inside-out. What do you see looking from the outside?

Weaknesses? What Weaknesses?

When we strengthen the body, even the weaknesses are made stronger. If God works through a person’s weakness, He shines. Especially if He takes a fault and reverses it. A personal example, from old nature to new, the difference is staggering.

I was self-centered, and was made selfless; stingy to generous, self-serving to serving others. That is the most noticeable differences. A smaller, less noticeable difference is this, I’m much more comfortable around others and can approach others with more confidence and am able to hold my own in a conversation. Still very much an introvert, but my capacity is larger now. I don’t drain as fast.

What does all this point to? I don’t know, and I’d like to know so I know what dream I can conquer. Readers, do you have any idea what this points to?

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