Do You Have A Dream

13687618944_0413536c7a_zDo you have a dream? A dream of great wealth, maybe a nice home, or a happy family? It may be to be the next Hugh Hefner if you’re a teenage boy. One Sunday’s sermon was about dreams, particularly Joseph’s.

His dream was so big that God had to be involved. It can be a giant world-changing dream. Or it could be a dream that changes someone else’s world.

A good friend of mine had a dream. She thought it was a great dream and gave it to someone she thought was more capable to handle it. It was given right back to her instead. She brought a grief counseling program to church and is still leading it. The thing is, the person she tried to give it to needed that class herself soon after.

Her dream was God’s placing her there so she could also help her friend during her trial. It brought my wife peace when she attended the first one. I relented, and went to the second GriefShare session. I found healing and a sense of closure. The class is growing too, as more hurting people come in. Her dream with God’s power is changing people’s worlds.

After the sermon, I was asked if I had a dream. I don’t have a particular burden on my heart like what was described. Looking over the world I don’t see anything that screams out to me. At the moment, I just learn and share, working with what I have. It’s not anything that is stretching me, yet.

I have a friend who wants to be a pastor. It takes a special kind of heart to be a pastor. A heart like that needs time to grow. Like Joseph’s story in the sermon, you have to be prepared for it.

He was his dad’s favorite son, which made his brothers jealous. So they sold him into slavery, much like what you may have wanted to do with your siblings. He was sold again to an Egyptian official, faced false charges, and was ultimately thrown into prison for years. In jail, he helped two guys and was forgotten about by one of them until years later when he remembered him when Pharaoh had a problem. Soon after, Pharaoh made Joseph second only to him in Egypt.

He was being prepared over the years without even knowing it. First, watching over his brothers for his dad. Then managing his master’s home, later the jail after he was imprisoned. Lastly, all of Egypt itself.

Still, I’d like to know what’s ahead. I looked at two books I had read last year, hoping to find more clarity. I didn’t really find anything new. The road I’m on is like an interstate. I’m driving, but not navigating, so I don’t know which exit is mine, let alone how much farther I have to go. So like the impatient kid riding in the back seat, I ask, “Are we there yet?”

Are you there yet? Do you even know where you’re going?

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