Could You Be Accused Of Being A Christian?

If someone accused you of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? I saw that as a meme on Facebook. It also brought an analogy to mind. One about the evidence in a Christian’s life that doesn’t involve keeping a set of rules.

I’ve said it before, it’s not about checking boxes for every good deed, upbringing, or church attendance. It’s about a relationship. Follow along with me as I go through this:

  • If you took off your wedding ring, could anyone tell if you were in a relationship?
  • Could they tell who you were in a relationship with?
  • How could they tell?

How often do you talk about your significant other? Are you faithful and loyal to them? How much time do you spend with them? Is there evidence of their presence around you?

Remove a cross necklace from someone, how do you tell if they’re a follower of Jesus?

Love. It’s evident in the love you have for Him. Like your spouse, you naturally bring them up. You don’t do anything to betray them because you love them and don’t want to hurt them. It’s not from fear of consequences, but sadness at the pain caused.

It’s in the time you spend with Him. Making time, grabbing every free moment in a busy day to reach out in prayer, quietly dwelling on the thought of Him, or reading the Bible. Like during a stressful day at work you fire off a text or call your loved one.

That’s a way to tell. They’ve given their life over to Jesus, just like a married couple gives their lives to each other. Is there enough evidence to convict you?

5 thoughts on “Could You Be Accused Of Being A Christian?

  1. I once heard Pastor Andrew Wormack ask that question too. His point of view was that if we don’t show those virtues the Bible talks about in the New Testament (emphasis on the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit) how do we proof that we are children of God?

    This reminds me of what Jesus said, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John13;35. So proves us as Christian.

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  2. The questions we should ask: are you receiving the blessings of God (wellness, healing and the ability, in that renewed wellness, to “get out there” as He guides you to and speak to others about His saving grace?) and are you being persecuted as Jesus was by those who are NOT saved and NOT receiving His blessings? By His blessings I mean peace (not worrying about the things of the world), caring about the things that God wants you to care about, and the courage to fend off Satan’s attacks by declaring your Testimony and the Blood of the Lamb, and loving not your life more than you love Him–instead of seeking human pity, fleshly remedies (self-help books, a tray of medications and a slew of doctors, the latest diet, or addictions) and human approval? A long time ago in my twenties when I was going to church and singing in a choir, someone introduced me as a “born-again Christian” and from deep inside came this ugly guttural denial, “I am not born again!” I reacted like someone had thrown acid on me. I realize now that I was being religious and had the religious spirit in me, but I was not a living temple for the Spirit of God and Christ. To be honest, I have trouble saying that I am a “Christian” because I know how easily I called myself that when I was JUST going through the motions, but I CAN say I’m a “born-again disciple of Christ.” Go figure, but I have the hunger to read and ask God questions, as Job did, and get the truth from Him (not Elihu or the friends) and yet to pray for the “friends” who mean well, who are bent on pursuing a doctrinal approach to the One who wants to be trusted and approached with utter reverence, but approached nevertheless!! Do we really only do this when, like Job, we think we have nothing left to lose? : )


  3. I meant to say not saved “and/or not receiving His blessings.” Some call that living in “sozo” (saved with blessings). I see many “Christians” living as if there is nothing earthly to gain from having God’s light shine upon you and from you. They are still in ill health and turn to humans for all manner of “advice” instead of trusting Jesus with their problems.


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