Your Life Can Make A Difference

I would like you to take a moment and reflect on where you’re at in life’s journey. Got it? Now look back at the time you started, the ups and the downs. Pretty good, huh? Now my question is what are you doing with that wealth of information.

It was a slow night at work for me. Slow for me means no one is calling me to the floor and every time I make my rounds there wasn’t anything needing inspected. Sitting in the office, I brought up the WordPress reader and started exploring the blogs.

I came across one by a new Christian who was just a ‘few weeks old’. In other words, he had just been saved. He was struggling and I commented on his post dealing with what he thought was God angry with him and a divide between them. He was going through some spiritual warfare so I began to keep up with his posts with advice and encouragement where needed.

At a restaurant, a week later, a surprisingly deep conversation came up between me and one of the teenagers. They also felt like the busyness of life was getting in the way between them and God. It’s a problem that occasionally springs up for me as well. I listened, offered advice, and shifted the conversation when they were getting uncomfortable. Opening up is not easy.

I didn’t help because I think I am an expert. It’s not a scholarly background that the information comes from. It comes from going through similar situations, taking the hits, and coming out of it.

You are a wealth of information. The low times of your life just prepare you to help someone later. Think of it as training and testing you for it.

Use the experience and lessons to be a positive voice in others’ lives.


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