Loneliness: A Beatable Enemy

About a year ago, I wrote a post on loneliness. I learned that going it mostly alone sucks. Even I get tired of my company and I think I am brilliant…sometimes. I was walking around with a ‘bubble’ up, a little barrier of “don’t talk to me” all over my body language.

It sucks in that bubble.


So What Do I Do?12592653_879392598847413_919139484157286276_n

So I stepped out of it to find many people at church willing to meet me halfway. I’m not a huggy person,still not really; however, I’m much more comfortable with them. I have to be, everyone hugs everyone it seems. Sometimes I will even hug someone.

It’s not a bad thing outside the bubble. Especially with the holidays that just ended. Many lonely people during that time and for once, I was not one of them. I had gained friends.

On top of that, the confidence to hold conversations with people I do not really know grew. I could talk to the ladies in the nursery about how good the fudge from Kilwins is. At the church’s winter festival, Christmas Lane, I served and spoke with a family working on the same team. The oldest daughter was trying to give away her little brother. After it was all over, I sat comfortably listening to Pastor Rod telling us the behind the scenes bloopers of a sermon video involving the pie-face game.

Before, I would have been looking for the door. People seem more willing to open up to me oddly enough considering my mostly expressionless face. I am also more willing to reach out to my hurting friends. Someone I know is around every corner, it seems.

If I can give you one takeaway from this, it is this:

Meet someone and listen.

Your willingness to listen to them will make them more willing to listen to you.

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