Blessed Are The Merciful?

Have you ever screwed up and someone showed you mercy? It has happened to me before. I have done it myself a few times. It is a virtue; however, what if it comes at the expense of truth? What if to show mercy, you had to lie to keep someone out of trouble?

It was where a rigid policy met multiple mistakes before they were caught. It does not happen often; nevertheless I questioned it. A lie to protect someone would still be a lie.

I have seen it used for good in the case of lying to a drunk girl to get her to stop. She would not leave until she had one more drink, so it was watered down until it was impotent and she left. On the other hand, in the case of Corrie Ten Boom, lying to the Nazis about the Jews they were hiding. I will stand by the fact I have a hard time lying regardless.

In the case of work, any scrap product caused by a person is noted. I balance it out by trying to find some other defect in it that I can mark down instead. If I cannot, they take the hit. Either way, I show them what happened and suggest ways to correct it.

We were shown mercy on the cross. What many do not realize is someone had to take the hit. That someone was Jesus. If you do not accept his offer to take the hit, then you have to deal with the natural consequences of your actions.

Mercy and justice are irrelevant without consequences.

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