How To Tell If You’re Living Up To Your Values

Dan John, in his newsletter, often speaks highly of James Clear. After reading some of his work, I agree. I’ve even linked to an article of his once in a post on the biases against Christianity. I signed up for his newsletter and a post came in my email about managing stress. Everyone could use some stress relief so I read further.

He wrote about journaling about how you met your values that day. It’s supposed to give your life meaning. Over the course of a few days, I wondered how to make it applicable. I also wondered what my top values were.

The ones that kept coming to mind were the ones in my email signature.

They are love, integrity, and selflessness. Here is how I decided to make them applicable—I made them into questions. Four questions to be exact.

  1. Did I love God with all my heart, body, mind, and soul?
  2. Did I love others today?
  3. Was I a stumbling block with my words or actions today?
  4. Did I seek first the Kingdom of God?

I want to make sure I do everything to point to Him, to learn about and from Him. Did I do for others what I would want done for me (The Golden Rule)? I stumble over that one more often than I would like. Speaking of stumbling, I don’t want to make a new believer confused, or do or say something that would push away a nonbeliever. Like calling atheists fools on April Fool’s Day, that’s not loving, now is it?

So what values can you journal about? Just ask yourself the questions and stop for the day. Give it a shot.

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