Ripples; How We Can Effect Change

I often write or speak of “ripples”. Like where a rock hits water and waves expand in all directions to touch other objects. Have you seen the ripples from one person interacting with another and continuing?



A friend from GriefShare who often encourages me said I was an object lesson. What the lesson was she would not say. We sat and listened to the American Superintendent of the Assemblies of God speak one night. He was telling stories of how something small can make a big difference in the grand scheme.

One was a story of a missionary couple who traveled to an obscure village. The husband never led anyone to Christ while there. When his wife gave birth to their daughter, she never recovered, falling sick. A boy from the village cared for her and she did lead him to Christ. Sadly, she died, and he left the village with his newborn daughter shortly after. In his grief, he left his daughter with a missionary couple and dropped off the face of the earth. He became an alcoholic, left the faith, lamenting over losing everything and failing as a missionary.

His daughter found him years later, and told him a story. She had grown into an effective missionary herself. At a meeting, she met a guy who was leading a rapidly growing group of churches. It was that little boy who cared for her mom so long ago. From that, she brought her dad back to the faith.

During one part, my friend, Beverly patted me on the shoulder. I am still curious about that. A month later, I woke up to a text sent at 4:15am from one of my favorite kids at church. She reads my posts, encourages me, and learns from them. When we talk, I match her weirdness and act like a kid right back. I had no idea she read that much of what I wrote.

Every interaction we have sets off a chain of events, either personally or affecting someone watching or hearing about it. What waves are you making in others’ lives?

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