First Competition of 2016; Did I Have What It Takes?

It was the first day of 2016, a good day to see where I stood as far as absolute strength and conditioning. I set a personal record a few weeks earlier with this same kettlebell I was facing.

I stared at the 71 pound chunk of iron on the floor. Three weeks earlier I had lain on the ground, rolled towards it and pistol gripped it. Rolling back over I felt the weight settle and tightened up my entire body. First time I had ever attempted to stand up under it.

I pressed it up, rolled onto the opposite elbow, and sat up with the 71 pound Rogue kettlebell locked out overhead.

Yeah, I have a shot at military pressing it.

I visualized how it feels to hike it back, explode and have it settle into the rack. Then slowly and surely it would go overhead.

Let’s go.

Just like in my mind, boom (the hike). Boom (the explosion). Tightened up to take the hit it settled into the rack on my right side…and wouldn’t move.


Pffft, that’s not my good arm. My left side can do it.

I get set up again. Grab the kettlebell with authority, hiking it back, exploding and settling it into the rack…

…it moved up…an inch.

Fail. Progress, but failed the lift. Next time. On June 1st I’m coming for it.IMG_8178

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