11 Things I’ve Learned So Far As a Supervisor

525xNxMeaningOfNumberEleven.jpg.pagespeed.ic.l7vPgWLnMnMany of my previous leadership posts came from two areas. First is study, because I cannot wing it. Curiosity will not let me. Second is from my limited experience mentoring others and leading a ministry. What does all that look like when it is put in practice as the newest supervisor at work?

Here is a list of what I do and have learned so far.

  1. Pray to be salt and light, to be equipped for whatever comes up, and to have love, patience, understanding  and mercy.
  2. Communication is key in all interactions.
  3. Leading by loyalty is best, mutual benefit is good; exercising authority is the last option.
  4. Apply the Golden Rule to work as well as life. “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” Luke 6: 31. I want people to make my job easier, so I make their job easier; it gains respect and maybe even loyalty.
  5. Encouragement over criticism, applaud what you want to see more of.
  6. Admit your mistakes and thank whoever brought it to your attention.
  7. Being nice goes a long way in how others react to you.
  8. Enforce boundaries when needed after making sure they are understood and fair.
  9. Do not dismiss claims of wrongdoing; check for yourself even if it is an accusation against your team. Truth beats tribalism.
  10. Do not take anything personal. Not being offended is a superpower.
  11. Stay above the politics no matter how hard it is to not gossip or take sides.

I hope you can use these tips to help be a better leader and person. What have you learned as a supervisor or in a leadership position?


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