Five Principles That A Hebrew Slave Used to Lead A Nation

2f2f27aHow can an intern become a CEO? Big thing to consider, heh? How’s this for scale? An illegal immigrant becoming a vice-president of the United States. I know I would be unqualified. When I considered the scale of what I accepted with the promotion, I felt inadequate.

This verse from Joseph’s story kept coming to my mind; ‘the Lord was with him.’

Why was God with Joseph? What did Joseph do? For one, he was part of a larger plan and did not realize it until years later. You can read his story in Genesis 37 and Genesis 39-50. I am focusing on Genesis 38-41:46 to see what is up with that verse.

What Did Joseph Do

  1. He did his best no matter the task or place.
  2. He knew his limits. When we end, God can begin. It is why Paul praised his weaknesses.
  3. He had good character as evidenced with Potiphar’s wife.
  4. He acted with integrity. Christians are to be like Christ so this is important.
  5. He learned the lessons that experience gave him so he was prepared.

This is my game plan as I do my job. Truly, we should do this every waking moment. To do our best, involve God always so we can ‘have the Lord with us’, to love God and love people like Jesus did. Finally, to always learn.

I am the most experienced in the department I came from. In all the other departments, the guys there are better than I am. So I have to set my ego aside and learn from their experience. How do you tackle your mountains?


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