Losing A Loved One; How Your Worst Moment Can Lead To Something More

Every person alive has something in their past. It can be regrets. Maybe a tragic loss left a hole in their life. What do you do with that?

A friend reminded me of the good that can come from the bad. Four of us were worshipping one evening, all of us with scars left behind by life. Later my wife showed me a video of the absolute last person I expected to see teaching a Sunday school class.

DestinyAll five of us lost someone. One had to watch cancer take his loved one, while the other four lost their loved ones in sudden accidents.. It can lead to jaded bitterness. I was jaded for a little while afterwards. My best friend had to tell me to knock it off with the fatalism.

What gets you out of that?

Surprisingly, it is when you do not focus on yourself so much. You focus on others. It does not mean bottling up your emotions, however.

Work through them as they come. It is not healthy to be stuck in them. I recommend finding a local GriefShare group. Go here for more info.

You may find yourself leading a group. The experience lets you be able to meet hurting people on common ground with more than platitudes and it can bring you closer to God. In the case of my godson’s dad and me, that is what happened. He’s serving as a teacher and I can honestly say I am proud of how far he’s come.

If you’re hurting and want to reach out, I’ll listen. Comment here, DM me on Twitter, or email me at abysspress@gmail.com. If you have an experience that helped you grow as a person, share it here if you’re comfortable with it.


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