How Do You Decide Which Religion to Follow?

Another good one from Beyond Teachable Moments

Beyond Teachable Moments



Suppose you were thinking of going on a spiritual quest.  How would you decide which religion to pick?  Would you pick a religion based on:

a) how familiar it is to you?

b) how well it fits your lifestyle or beliefs?

c) how well it provides something meaningful or convenient to you?

d) how simple and intuitive it is?

e) how factually accurate it is based on our human experience and our current understanding of science?

f) all of the above?

g) something else (please specify)?

This is really a classic question, and for many it can be a very difficult one to navigate.

In this post I am going to attempt to lay out three ‘first rung’ ideas about how you might consider evaluating the various religious options available to you before you even delve into the details about each religion.  There are more factors that you might consider, but I think these three…

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