Burnout; What To Do When You Had Enough

12115918_824237751029565_820316658190146122_nIn the last post, I wrote about going through the motions of serving God. You get tired, crashing and burning. Except you are not alone. In fact, your strength isn’t needed. How is that?

I came across a book called A Spirit-Empowered Life. It was so good I immediately reread it with a highlighter. I worry about burnout at least once a week. There is more than learning what God says and then doing it.

The book broke it down to just three things:

1: Love God
2: Love People
3: Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness

When Jesus gave his disciples the Great Commission, he meant all of his followers. It’s simple to remember what it’s about according to the author of the book. It is about “Him and them”. “Them” was once us as nonbelievers.

Why would we even care about others?

He starts to change us after we’re saved and indwelt by the Holy Spirit, . I wrote about part of His work in me in the Renovating post. For the in-depth theology of it, I covered that in a First Samuel 12:24 post titled How Can Anyone Be Good Enough To Represent Jesus?

To sum it up though, we develop a love for people that resembles Jesus’s love. It’s a passion for the well-being of people; a greater ability to forgive; a blindness to cultural and racial boundaries that sees everyone as needing love; and finally the ability to love people before they love us. When we see and act on that love, the Holy Spirit uses us as a conduit to empower us to act.

The book is filled with great advice on how to reach, serve, and disciple people. We don’t need to master or be an expert on any of these. A working knowledge, constant prayer to God, and a will to act works; the experience comes to us as we continue. God covers the rest and makes it seem effortless.

And when God moves, the tiny becomes mighty.

Are you dealing with burnout?

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