Are The People You See Worthless?

What is the value of a person? At work, one of the new guy’s commented that he wasn’t anyone important. I told him everyone was important. “To an extent,” was the reply. Who sets the standard for something like that?

I googled “What is the value of the human body?” Well I can tell you it is at least $22,000 just for the corneas. From there it gets even darker when you consider slavery, sex trafficking, and selling the parts of aborted babies.

It seems like the only value placed on people is what we can get out of them. Can they make me money? Can they satisfy my needs? What is in it for me?

What value does a person have? In a conversation with my adopted sister, Bratgirl, she stated that she felt like she contributed to the blog. I decided to count how many times she had contributed.

She’s edited over 70 posts since 2014. Alternatively, the conversations we have that spark a thought. This post is evidence of that. I would like to think that these posts help people. If they have, then she has also helped them. Is this the only thing that makes her valuable?


People have an intrinsic value. I have gone in depth about how we’re not here by chance in Walking, Talking Miracles. In Looking Through God’s Eyes, I really dug into how God sees us. It is human life that has value.

I am afraid we’re cheapening it more every day. We see our own lives as valuable. Other’s not so much. That is evident in our daily behavior.

Watch drivers on the interstate that zip by, cutting in between cars with inches to spare. A miscalculation and it could result in a fatal accident. Look at the hook-up club scene where all people are searching for is a night’s pleasure without caring about what the other is going through. “Men” fathering children and walking out of their lives, or women doing the same, that is if they even carry the pregnancy to term.

Thoughts like, “Trample the weak, hurdle the dead”, “survival of the fittest”, and “what’s in it for me” pervade humanity. I have a question for you. Do you want to be noticed in the world?

It is a counter-cultural idea. Ready? Don’t use people, instead reach them. The real difference-makers touch lives. They care and they love people.

Do you remember anyone that reached out with love to you?

A heartwarming Facebook story gets thousands of Likes. How many want to make a heartwarming story in someone else’s life? How have you positively touched someone’s life today? A smile, warm conversation — it doesn’t take much. Today could be the worst day of their lives and you’ll be the only good thing that happened that

Go and be a light in someone’s life.

Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. First John 4: 11

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