Who Is Watching You: The Impact We Make In People’s Lives

CNyyCLVUsAASVvHSomeone is probably watching you. It’s not just the NSA either. It is probably someone you know. They consider you a source of inspiration or wisdom. At the very least, the way you lead your life is an example to them.

The other day, an adopted family member deleted all his Facebook friends but four. I was one of the four because he thinks I am ‘one of the smartest guys’ he knows. He thinks more highly of me than I do myself. The thing is I didn’t know he was watching me that closely.

I know I’m considered a mentor to my adopted sister. I think I am to a young friend with big dreams who occasionally approaches me with questions. I was recently in a simultaneous text conversation with a couple of them. Because they look up to me enough to value what I have to say.

That is a heavy thought that brings a lump to my throat quite honestly. It is why I am so hard on not sending out mixed messages. When someone famous for a particular value is caught in a scandal, the outcry is immense. There is a reason for that. They were looked up to. It feels like betrayal.

I have my mentors. People that I learn from who are ahead of me in different areas. I’m sure you have one or two mentors yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you know. The internet and books bring their lives in touch with ours.

If you knew you were being watched, that someone looked up to you; would you change the way you live for the better? Why or why not? I look forward to hearing from you.

One thought on “Who Is Watching You: The Impact We Make In People’s Lives

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