Proverbs: Ancient Practical Wisdom That Still Applies Today

Proverbs 3

I’ve always liked the book of Proverbs; many prefer the Psalms but I love the wisdom of Solomon’s proverbs instead. I do have to laugh at the frequency of Solomon’s warnings about nagging women. The man had about a 1,000 wives and concubines, so what did he expect? Imagine that as a reality TV show. Anyway, back on track, how does the proverb quoted above fit in modern day society?

  • What teaching? Ethics. Since it is the Bible, more particularly the 10 Commandments.
  • So how does following that help bring peace and prosperity? Jesus summed it up this way, ‘love God and people’ on multiple occasions.
  • Binding and writing on your heart in contemporary language would be embodying it and acting upon it.
  • Winning favor comes from people seeing the integrity of your character.

This came to mind after two incidents, the first at work, and the second with my former business partners. At work, I put in for an open supervisor’s position. What I didn’t know was that two of the other supervisors had put a bug in the ears of management about me. I don’t even interact with these guys much; they are coworkers, not friends. During the interviews I found out just how closely I was watched. I landed the job. Eric tells me I have ‘favor’. Hard to disagree with that.

The weeks prior to a business meeting with my partners, I ran through multiple scenarios of how it would all go wrong. I was going to tell them I was leaving Wicked Jester, and had formed several lines of reasoning for my decision. To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

I arrived early, speaking with our former screen printer, Binx, and Luke, who had flown into Arkansas just for the meeting. We sat through the meeting, tossing ideas back and forth until the end. Then Luke asked if we would like to add anything…

All of the doomsday scenarios my paranoid little mind had envisioned…never happened. Where I expected shouting, there was silence. Where I expected anger, there was sadness.

As a side note, our limbic systems are emotional idiots; this has been proven once again.

Business wise, we amicably severed our ties; as friends it seems like we have gotten stronger. I expected to lose friends after I announced that I left WJ online. I didn’t, same response, the ties are stronger it seems.

To sum it up, honest people cannot help but respect integrity. When you go through life with goodness and integrity, people see the consistency of your character. It builds up an honest reputation that goes before us when it comes to our relationships.

Have you seen this play out in your life before?

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