Ronin’s Journey Is Being Renovated

I noticed that this blog’s reach wasn’t expanding very far. On top of that it was getting a bit convoluted. The only purpose it seems to have is to collect  my scattered thoughts. At the suggestion to read a book titled “Platform” I decided to start making some changes.

It did begin as a collection place for my thoughts. Occasionally also as a place to vent so my sanity remains. A ‘quiet place’ to introspect and to soul search. Since the loosely titled “Got Purpose” series earlier this year I have been less scattered. It’s time for the blog to reflect that. You may have already noticed some changes:

  • The titles are better (I hope)
  • More applicable posts
  • Updated information
  • First Samuel 12:24 will go dormant

These will continue to improve. What isn’t going to change:

  • The Content: the archives will stay in place
  • The Source of the Content: will still come from dissecting my journal entries, explaining how and why it works and how it can work for you. There is a reason I was called the ‘self-analysis guy’.
  • The Ronin’s Journey book project is still in progress

The future changes will show an overall theme of showing what following Jesus looks like. I want you too see the real world living out of Jesus’s example on more than just Sundays. This will show my personal ups and downs and the lessons we can takeaway from it. Haven’t you ever wondered what it meant to follow Christ?

Also, I want you to be able to take something away from my posts. I’ll need your opinion to help me with that. Let me know about the good, bad, and ugly. I’ll address any questions that I can, within reason.

Ready? Set? GO!

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