I Have No Idea If I’m Doing This Right

I do not see why people jockey to be a leader, making their sole ambition, even taking tests online to see if they are a leader or not. The acid test of leadership is if anyone is following you without being paid for it or for the perks. I manage a team within the church that picks up paper and coffee cups in the sanctuary and wipes the counters in the bathrooms after services to prepare for the guests coming next.

I try to be a leader, and have been working on how to be better at it by learning from my mistakes. The team started with me and Casey cleaning after the three Sunday morning services. We grew by another person, and I could rotate who had the trash detail so everyone could get a break from it. 

Later, we gained another team member on a different service. That enabled me to rotate days off so people can rest a little. The sanctuary team has two people except for Sunday nights where I work alone. Our newest team member is the one who challenges me.

I sat down in the stairwell between services one morning with this thought in mind: what is servant-leadership? I think it may be a continuum. First, you have to serve, and serve well enough you set a standard. You hope that this inspires people to see what is going on and join with you. Then you get beside them and help them get to a level where they do not need you anymore.

What example can I look at? To put a spin on the old phrase “What Would Jesus Do”, I wonder, What Did Jesus Do? He modeled his instruction, living it every day he set the example. Nothing was beneath him, from hours of teaching without rest, interacting with everyone, touching lepers—which made him ritually unclean by Jewish law—to heal them, and even washing the disciples nasty feet at the last supper to set this example for them.

I still do not have much of an idea of what I am doing as far as leading; all I can figure is continue being an example. I still want the team to grow as people and in numbers so they can do more in other areas. Porscha, Casey, and I are in multiple ministries in different areas and that helps us grow. We all have to start somewhere, just as I started with the cleaning team and now that is just a part of it all.

It might be time to read a book or two about it…I have a couple in mind.

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