Walking, Talking Miracles

11206951_754349918018349_1865627019402821386_nReflecting after a conversation with my wife the other day, I realized something. We should not be here, yet we are. Is it an accident, are we accidents? A picture on Imgur that a science site linked to broke down the odds of a person being born. It’s nearly zero, however, you are still reading this.

The question remains…why are you here?

Several verses in the Bible speak of God knowing us before we are born, Him forming us in the womb, particularly in my favorite Psalm, the 139th. If He is doing all that, possessing knowledge of our lives since before creation, the answer is clear to me. You are not an accident; you are here for a reason.

That is well and good, so what is the reason.

That is something I am still working on myself, other than the ultimate reason of having a relationship with God through Jesus, and that depends on the choice we make. As to a purpose, I am finding my own inner workings in tandem with encounters are giving me both indicators and learning moments. I will delve deeper into that later, but I will give you two examples now.

I was asked by someone why they deserved to live during a down moment for them. I asked some clarifying questions (because of a book I read), said a quick prayer for wisdom, and gave the answer that has roots in many places. My inner workings demanding that I justify every decision I make sent me into Christian theology and apologetics, which I could tie together to help them. I have to understand who, what, why and how, and that knowledge can help others if they are in a situation I can help with.

The second was when a friend was helping me after my godson died. With his military and law enforcement background, he walked with me through the trauma, PTSD, and the legal system. To look at us, you would not think we had anything in common, yet he is my best friend. We intersected each other at just the right time.

Serendipity or was he placed there through circumstances?

What I will be doing a year or ten years from now, I have no idea. Will I still be in the same job, in the same ministries, and circle of friends? I cannot say, you cannot say; I can only say one thing – we will be making some difference in others’ lives and them in ours. You make a difference and may not realize it.

There is a reason you are here, do not forget that.

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