June 2015 Competition Day

Competition Day on the half year mark. This is the test of my program except with one caveat, I got sick two weeks ago. I lost five pounds and spent most of the first day sleeping in various positions. After making a call to let my body work on bringing me back to previous levels of health without breaking it down with training I do feel weaker. So I don’t know what today would bring.

All right, weighed in at  154.6lbs.

Military Press test with a 58lb kettlebell. First attempt I pressed it once each side. Could not believe that was all I had so I waited 15 minutes to try again. Even worse, once on my right and nothing on my left.


  • Right: 3 reps w/58.2lb (62lbs/39%BW)
  • Left: 4 reps w/58.2lb (63lbs/40%BW)

My singles with 58lbs at 154.6lbs is 37.5% of my bodyweight.

Five Minute Snatch Test with the 53.6lb kettlebell. It was 50 reps three months ago. Today was 37 reps. A 13 rep decrease so that program is most definitely a failure.

Now to set my sights on September 1st…

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