Protection, Temptation, and Farming?

People make me…think. Particularly a guy at work when we get into theological discussions. This leads to either confusion, a thinking on paper post, or a surprising light bulb moment. This time it is the latter. He said people could push God’s hedge of protection off them, and then he tied it to Job, and Jesus’s temptation in the desert. Then he challenged me to look it up.

So I looked at the verse he referenced in Job 1:10, and Matthew 4:6 which quotes part of the 91st Psalm. He fixated on the stone in the verse as a way of pushing protection away. The only way I could think of the stone is like the ‘rock in your shoe’ that is on your mind every time you step on it.

On a larger scale, Satan tempted Jesus in three areas – you do not need God because you can do it yourself, nothing is going to happen (here I think is what Eric meant about pushing the protection), and personal power. The replies were depending on God- do not foolishly test him, and the greatest commandment. That is the only way I could tie that into each other; however, in thinking about the ‘stone in the shoe,’ I could apply that to the parable of the four soils.

In the parable, the seed was the Word of God, the good news of Jesus, and it finds itself in one of four areas. On rock where it doesn’t take root, rocky, thin soil where it sprouts before dying soon after, in the weeds where its stunted, and in good soil where it prospers. If you can get someone to consider something, the rock is like the seed; whatever it is you want them to think of, they will receive in one of four ways. I did not expect it to go from a hedge of protection to parable on fruitfulness, but my brain does go to weird places occasionally.

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