ConCom Christianity?

I was reading a book titled The Me I Want to Be, and in one chapter, he expanded on ‘turning the other cheek’. He wrote that first century Jewish society was about honor and shame. Then he mentions a hidden meaning that I had been told about before by one of my readers, Sean, and investigated it myself about it. To shame someone with a backhand slap, not able to use the impure left hand, the backhand was not a blow to injure, but to insult, humiliate, degrade. It was not administered to an equal, but to an inferior. I have only found evidence of it here. I wrote about it before in the Turn My Cheek post. Ortberg also wrote that it forces them to have to deal with you as an equal.

Later in the week, while referencing ConCom by Rory Miller for Chapter 10 in the book I have been writing, it fell into place. Someone verbally or physically shames you, that’s an attack on your ‘status’/ego, so you think you have two choices:

1: Retaliation (which is when your ego, pride, emotional monkey brain is driving the bus)


2: Cower and be controlled, except you cannot serve two masters.

Here is the third option: choose to address them as equals by not resisting an evil person. You can love them as you love yourself and/or walk away. No one said you have to stick around to be abused even more. As for the previous post about it, the central lesson remains the same; it just has another nuance to it.

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