Something To Believe In?

I have been watching friends who are feeling lost because they put their faith in other people. The issue is people are human and fallible. When they do not meet expectations, then what? Two years ago, I would have said that is why you have to be self-reliant, forge your own code, and live by that.

Except, we are also human and fallible; because of that, instead of being let down you have another problem. When you are the author of your moral/ethical code, the one that holds you accountable is biased towards his or her own self-preservation. That person holding you accountable is…you. We are amazing at rationalizing and justifying our actions. When others call us on it, we challenge them, because who are they to judge me? What standard are they using? Is it fair for them to do it? What authority do they have?

Something to think about.


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