Ode To a Redhead

Last week, I wrote that my wife on her worst day is me on my best day. I am ever amazed at the ripples my wife makes wherever she goes. In fact, most know of me through her. She is a very lovable person, who hugs and cares about everyone despite the hardships she has faced.

I started helping another ministry in church, and on my first day, they asked me where she was and how she was doing. They wanted her there, too. A few months back, at church, Jennifer noted that I pick up the sanctuary faster than Casey does. Jaime said it is because she stops and hugs everyone. It is true, she does as much as I do and enriches more lives. Truly lives out the spirit of 1 Corinthians 16:4 every day.

Last example I will give: It was cold and drizzly, so I went to get the truck so I could pick her up at the front of the church. A deaf friend with a dead battery flagged me down; unfortunately, our cables were in the car at home. A woman from third service walked up, told them someone was on the way, and that she will wait with them. I interpreted it for them, telling her thanks, to her surprise. She did not know I could hear, since I am so quiet. She sure did know Casey, though.

Everyone should have a human ray of sunshine in his or her life, someone to show the good in everything. My wife is my ray of sunshine, and she blesses me every day, as well as those who come into contact with her.


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