The Deaf Culture: Michele Westfall on being deaf since birth

A good read if you wondered about deaf culture. I’m going to see what thinking in sign language is like to put myself in my wife’s shoes.

The Longform Interviewer

Deaf CultureMichele Westfall was born without hearing. So were her two sons. ITM talked to her about life, sounds and the Deaf culture.

The Deaf culture includes communities affected by deafness, and it’s a natural part of the life of Michele Westfall and her two kids, 8 and 5 years old. In their household ASL – American Sign Language – is the language used to communicate in, and life without sound is no obstacle.

But what’s it really like to never have heard anything, and what is the Deaf culture that seems to be close at heart to Michele and her family?

Interviews That Matter: Do you have any form of perception of what some things might sound like, even if the believed sound is just made up in your mind?

Michele Westfall: Not really. Since I was born deaf, I don’t have the proper frame of reference to know what…

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