How To Respond When Your Spouse Wants Attention

I read an article someone posted on relationships on Facebook, one part stuck out to me. Now I make a point to look every time Casey gets my attention. “Turn towards” echoes in my head. It is called emotional bidding, and your response to your partner determines the quality of the relationship. For example, do not be negatively critical towards any ideas or news she has. I could not find the exact article but found another on the topic here: Staying Connected with Each Other

When it comes to relationships, I am a big softy, maybe because I see so many fail or end. I was teary eyed when J posted a picture of her veteran husband in honor of Veterans Day with “until we regroup again”. Seeing the lives her husband touched, I had a long talk with God about it. We were not close but I miss the big guy and I hurt for his family and close friends.

Remember it is not you versus her/him, it is us vs the world. I highly recommend reading the link I posted, it’s full of great ideas.

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